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Having fun with a compact – Street Art in Chichester


There are times when I think I take my photography a little too seriously. My recent ‘Still-Life’ images are a case in point. The light, the composition, the processing, are all very controlled and take quite a long time to get right.

For a while now I thought it would be a good idea to buy a compact camera. Something truly pocketable, that I could have with me most of the time but would still produce good quality images. A smartphone is great but it does have its limitations. Most of all this camera would have to be fun to use.


I attended a talk a recently by Charlie Waite, the well renowned landscape photographer. It was a charity event in aid of The Disabled Photographers Society. As part of the fund raising there was an auction of items donated by various organisations. One of the items was the Sony RX100 Mk3. Although an older model which has been superseded by the Mk4 and Mk5, these are more expensive and the main improvements are video related.  The lens and quality of the still images from all three models are very similar and the Mk3 has a better battery life. I took the plunge, kept raising my hand to bid and after a few minutes proved to be the successful bidder.


Yesterday I went into my home city of Chichester for an hour or two, to put the Sony through its paces and have a bit of fun. I concentrated on a some of ‘street art’ which can be found if you know where to look.

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It’s a Bank Holiday – time to play!


It’s a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK. Unusually the sun is shining brightly, it’s pretty hot and quite rightly people are giving themselves permission to relax and enjoy themselves – and why not?!

In a complete break from my usual style, I too have been playing – just processing an image in a rather exaggerated way purely for the fun of it. High on contrast, lots of grain, blue toned, rotated through 90 degrees and a fancy border as well.

I think it’s important to do something different once in a while. Creative freedom can lead to unexpected results. Nothing too serious but good to inject a change of tack – after all ‘variety is the spice of life’.

For the record I took this shot yesterday at The Arundel Festival. There were huge numbers of people around; the main roads in the town had been closed to traffic, and tables and chairs were everywhere to cater for the thirsty and the hungry.

Have fun whatever you choose to do this Bank Holiday.