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Transient light – the best of both worlds perhaps?

Transition blend

Transition (Blending in photoshop)

This is the third and final entry in series which only serves to highlight the array of choices when it comes processing.

The first entry (Transient light – when only colour will do) showed a relatively straight forward colour image. The second entry posted yesterday (Transient light – when mono works as well) was the black and white conversion and today I have posted this image, which is effectively a mix of the colour and black and white versions. I opened both images in Photoshop with the colour image as the background layer. I then created a separate layer using the mono version which had been previously processed in Silver Efex. I then blended the two layers and reduced the opacity to arrive at the image you see here.

Overlaying the more dramatic and contrasty B&W image has given the original colour version a little more punch in my view. The rain shower has been enhanced and there is more detail in the clouds on the horizon which has added depth. The colour which attracted me to take the shot in the first place has not been lost.

So three versions of one image. Which one is best? I don’t think there is a ‘best’ image; photography or any form of art is very subjective so everyone will have their own personal preference. For me it has been an interesting exercise and will make me stop and think a little more about processing options before I even begin.