Churches in the United Kingdom

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I started this project started in July 2015. I was inspired to do so by a famous book called ‘Betjeman’s Best British Churches’. It was first published in 1958, but more recently updated by Richard Surman and republished in 2011 to list over 2,500 of the best parish churches in England, Scotland and Wales. I cannot hope to visit them all, although the closer they are to my home, the more chance they have of appearing on this site. Although this publication is a useful guide, it does not list Cathedrals and I am sure to feature some churches which do not appear in the book.


Three Crosses

Three Crosses – Fishbourne Church


It is also fair to say that the true inspiration for this project are the churches themselves. They might warrant inclusion by virtue of their location or setting, or because of their architectural merit, both internally and externally. They may have special noteworthy features or a particular story to tell, or they could just be an appealing place for prayer and sanctuary. I expect in many cases it will be a combination of some or all of these attributes. For me though they must have something which is visually appealing from a photographic point of view.


Shadows and the Cross

Shadows and the Cross


In all cases I will be applying my style of photography, so do not expect the architypal ‘picture postcard’ image. I am always looking for good light, which forms interesting shapes, tones, textures and shadows. Nor do I intend to take what might simply be described  as ‘record’ shots. That is not the purpose of this exercise.

This section of the site will grow over time and I will post an entry on my blog whenever a new church or cathedral has been added.


The Bishops Cathedral

The Bishops Cathedral


Links to Counties and their Churches

The counties of Great Britain will be listed below in alphabetical order. Each ‘county link’ will take you to a page listing the churches I have visited in that area. Every church will have its own gallery with links back to the original post. Cathedrals will have their own link and these will be listed in alphabetical order by city.




West Sussex

9 Responses to “Churches in the United Kingdom”

  1. Haylee

    I very much look forward to seeing the results of this project – church architecture is one of my passions. I hope you’ll get a chance to visit Salisbury Cathedral. I recently posted some images I took there a few years back – the font designed by William Pye is just stunning!


    • alan frost

      Hi Haylee. Thanks for following and I am delighted you are looking forward to more ‘Church Project’ posts. I have a backlog of images taken in the past which I will add in the future but for the time being here is a link to en entry about Salisbury which I posted sometime ago. When I get a few minutes I will look at your blog as well.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haylee

        Thank you for the link – beautiful images! It looks like you’ve taken the font from a different (better!) angle to myself – I enjoy the extension of the view compared to mine. Love the park bench scene too 🙂


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